Frostyfroggs - Belgian Video Game Studio

We are a creative team

We are an independent video game studio based in Belgium and created in 2015. We strive to create fun and meaningful experiences through which we can connect with people.

FrostyFroggs Team Martin Hanrez

Martin Hanrez

Lover of shapes, materials and light. Martin is in charge of making things beautiful and coherent through all our productions.

FrostyFroggs Team Pierre-Emmanuel Soumois

Pierre-Emmanuel Soumois

Pierre is a master of gameplay, systems and solutions. Giving life to things is his commitment and passion.

FrostyFroggs Team Corentin Ambroise

Corentin Ambroise

Capable of constructing from gigantic open maps to the smallest objects, Corentin is a specialist of procedural generation and level building.

FrostyFroggs Team Judicaël Eluard

Judicaël Eluard

A game developer interested in game design (or is it the other way around?), Judicael enjoys bringing innovative and creative ideas to the table and is responsible for the way games play and feel.

Some of our Milestones


Frostyfroggs is born.


Outcast: Second contact
Fort boyard
the bluecoats north & south


Outcast 2
Who want to be a Millionaire
Tiger Run


Slimy Knight is in development


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